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Frequently Asked Questions - Known Program Conflicts
1.  Netscape
2.  AOL
3.  Quicken
4.  Other screen saver

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For help with Windows error messages, please visit the AzureBay FAQ. For help with the registration prompt, wallpaper images, or calendar problems on Windows please visit the General Problems and Solutions page. If your question is not answered on our Tech Support pages, please fill out the Technical Support Form and a technical support expert will respond within 24 hours, Monday - Friday.

1. Netscape

With the AzureBay program it has been reported that after installation, the Netscape bar which indicates progress or web pages will become overlaid with text and blackened. This program conflict only affects the appearance of Netscape and doesn't affect how Netscape or the AzureBay Screen Saver function. The program conflict can be solved by switching to any version of Internet Explorer for the Macintosh or by upgrading your version of Netscape to Netscape 6 or higher.


2. AOL

An update is available for the AOL and AzureBay Screen Saver conflict. To install the update, please click on the AOL1 link. When the download is complete, you may or may not need to unstuff the file using a utility such as Stuffit Expander. You will know when the file is correctly expanded when the file icon looks like a monitor with a rainbow in it. The file should say "AzureBay Screen Saver" as well. Please quit the AzureBay program. You may do this by clicking on the Apple, Control Panels, AzureBay Screen Saver. The words "Screen Saver" will appear next to the apple. Click on them and choose Quit. Now you may install the update by simply dragging the new AzureBay Screen Saver file over to the hard drive and placing it in the "System Folder". The file should also be automatically copied over to the Control Panel. A message will likely appear telling you this. Once this is done, the update should be correctly installed and will prevent the program conflict with AOL. It should prevent AOL from disconnecting from the internet or freezing the computer by not allowing the screen saver to activate when AOL is running. If problems occur when downloading and expanding the first file you may try downloading the second. The second file will download into a file called AB010612.sit. After you unstuff the file, you will be able to open a folder containing both the AzureBay Screen Saver update as well as the Netlauncher Screen Saver update. If you have an AzureBay Screen Saver, only use the AzureBay Screen Saver file. If you have a Netlauncher Screen Saver, then please only use the Netlauncher Screen Saver file.


3. Quicken

A few users have reported errors when running Quicken after installing the screen saver. We have very few reports of program conflicts with Quicken. As of right now, there is not enough information about the problem. Please quit out of the AzureBay Screen Saver program, when using Quicken. This should allow a user to use Quicken without any problems. To quit out of the program, click on the Apple, Control Panels, AzureBay Screen Saver. The word "Screen Saver" will appear next to the apple. Click on it and choose Quit.


4. Other screen saver

Other screen saver programs may interfere with the AzureBay screen saver even if they are not being used or are not active. We have received reports that Web Shots Screen Savers and After Dark Screen Savers may interfere with the AzureBay Screen Saver. Uninstalling and deleting these other screen savers completely will allow the AzureBay Screen Saver to function correctly.






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